His international collaborations have led through the years to a variety of original English songs in different genres, written for other artists. Drawing on influences from both international singer-songwriters and the Italian  "Cantautori" of the 70's and 80's, his songs are a blend of intriguing melodies and meaningful lyrics which take the listener on an emotional journey.

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Raum 405 Cologne - Live Performance 

Last Thursday a last minute invitation allowed me to performed live two of my original songs,  “Two story house” and  “Ascolta Amore”,  as part of the  Raum 405 byweekly open mike session.



Mi Manchi Sai - New Release 

My third single has just been released on Spotify and the other streaming platforms.

It deals with a somewhat complex relationship between father and son.  Once they become adults, sons tend to let their relationship with their father drift into a superficial love which is not conducive to getting to know each other beyond the family role. Sometimes the gap is bridged later in life, sometimes they are left with the regret of not having made the effort while it was still possible.



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