Words and music by Rodney Stansfield, Gail Wasserman & Nico Rizzuto
@2022 Nico Rizzuto Publishing PRS
All Rights Reserved

I remember the time when you walked out of the door
and I wondered if I was the reason
Mama’s cry, the revving car, you left in the night

You weren’t there to watch me ride a bike,
Learn about girls or turn sixteen,
Now you turn up at my graduation, you think it's alright

Out of nowhere you come into my life again
why here why now, would you come around
Out of nowhere you suddenly appear right here
should we just pretend we're long lost friends
Out of nowhere

Through the years you’ve been just an old picture
locked in a drawer I almost forgot
I filled up with new memories the empty hole you left behind

Should I give you that key, should I smile and be nice
A happy ending which would remind
of the bed stories you used to tell when I was a child


You think you can just walk back into my life
How do I know you won’t leave again when I turn around
What do you expect me to do ? Just forget and forgive
Are you kidding me? After all of this time